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Pre-assignment information

We aim to respond within 10 working days, however due to a high influx of applications, there may be a delay to our current response time. We would like to assure you we are processing all applications and will be responding to you as soon as possible

If you’re a leaseholder and selling your home, you or your solicitor may be asked to get pre-assignment information from us. This is a standard pack of details about your property, including any planned major works. The pre-assignment pack can also be used by your solicitor to complete the Law Society LPE1 form.

The pre-assignment information for leasehold properties includes:

  • 3 year service charge history
  • current service charge account balance and statement (including ground rent)
  • details of section 146 notices served on the property for non-payment of the service charge and any courts fees and interest payable
  • building insurance schedule and policy booklet
  • list of section 20 notices served on the address
  • planned major works for the block and/or estate
  • asbestos risk assessment for the building (communal parts only)
  • notice fee
  • landlord’s name and address
  • details of any management company acting on the council’s behalf

The pre-assignment information doesn't include a fire risk assessment for the building. You will need to request this separately.

If you’re a solicitor and your client is buying, please ask the seller’s solicitors to request the pre-assignment pack as some information is covered under data protection.

For details of planned major works you can view our current major works investments programme.

Get a pre-assignment pack

  • pre-assignment pack costs £252.00
  • we aim to send it within 10 working days of payment

We can offer a 2 working day service for £345.00 depending on available resources.

The Fire Risk Assessment will be sent to you within 30 working days of receipt of your payment.

Selling a freehold property

If you own a freehold house on an estate and pay service charges, your solicitor may still need to make enquiries with us by completing the form above. The purchaser will also need to enter into a Deed of Covenant with the council. Please contact our residential conveyancing team.

Other enquiries

If you’ve already bought a pre-assignment pack from us and need more information, you can make an enquiry.

Pre-assignments - Make an enquiry


Page last updated: 03 April 2023


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