Buying the freehold of your building from us

Qualifying to buy the freehold of your building

As a leaseholder you must have a long lease which includes any of the following:

  • for a term of more than twenty one years
  • granted under the Social Homebuy scheme with 100% ownership
  • granted under Right to Buy 
  • Right to Acquire under rent to mortgage terms

Regarding the building:

  • there must be at least two flats in the building
  • at least two thirds of the properties must have been sold on long leases
  • the number of tenants wishing to purchase the freehold must be equal to at least half of the properties in the building

In addition:

  • any leaseholder owning more than two flats in the building can't be a qualifying tenant
  • joint leaseholders are treated as one qualifying tenant
  • a building won't qualify if 25% or more of the building's internal floor area, excluding common parts, is used for commercial purposes
  • properties occupied by council tenants must be leased back to the council on 999 year leases
  • council tenants are still able to exercise their Right to Buy their properties
  • the new freeholder will collect service charges for properties not involved in the freehold purchase (including those leased back to the council)
  • the new freeholder is responsible for all future maintenanceto insure the building

Page last updated: 05 April 2023


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