Southwark’s Creative Enterprise Zone (CEZ)

In June 2018 Southwark Council Cabinet agreed the Council Plan, setting out the priorities for the next four years including a commitment to ‘Establish a Creative Enterprise Zone in Camberwell and Peckham to support artists, producers and other creative small businesses.’

Following a period of research, engagement and development, Southwark Creates has been launched to establish a borough-wide Creative Enterprise Zone with a focus on testing new approaches in Camberwell and Peckham. 

Creative Camberwell and Peckham

The Creative Enterprise Zone provides support in the following areas

Creative workspace

  • promoting use of existing and new buildings for creative workspace
  • opening up vacant council operated properties and spaces for creative meanwhile use
  • ensuring creative workspace is a priority across council policies and strategies

Creative business support

  • providing one to one advice and support to creative businesses to enable them to thrive and grow in Southwark
  • increasing the number of good jobs in the creative industries in Southwark including a range of accessible apprenticeships, paid internships and work placements
  • making accessible funding available for start-up creative businesses to thrive and grow

Talent development

  • providing opportunities for everyone in Southwark to develop their creative skills, and supporting a creative sector that is representative of the local community
  • providing opportunities for local people to showcase their creative talent in Southwark

Are you an artist, producer or other creative small business based in Southwark?  To get involved in the Creative Enterprise Zone, keep up to date with the latest opportunities and find out what support is available for you:

Development of the Creative Enterprise Zone

In 2018, the Council committed to developing a Creative Enterprise Zone.  A period of research and engagement followed, supported by the Mayor of London.  The research report which informed development of the borough-ide Creative Enterprise Zone is available for information and research purposes (PDF, 3mb).

About the research report

This document is the result of an internal creative process in summer of 2018. The Council’s Culture Team together with other departments and Beispiel explored the current state of creative enterprise activity in Camberwell and Peckham and opportunities for strengthening the sector. This work was undertaken as part of the Mayor of London Creative Enterprise Zone competition.

The document should be read as the basis of ongoing work to create a borough-wide Creative Enterprise Zone. Data included may be out of date at this point and should be verified before quotation.

Creative Consortium

The following Creative Consortium partners were integral in helping us create a vision and shape our Creative Enterprise Zone, with support for research and development from the Mayor of London.

Thank you to everyone involved including:

Individual freelancers and creative practitioners  /  ACME  /  Adorngirl  /  Arts Territory   /  Artists Studio Company  /  BendyCocoa  /  Blue Elephant Theatre   /  The Bower  /  Broken Hearted Youth  /  Camberwell Arts Festival  /  Camberwell College of Arts, UAL  /  Camberwell Fair  /  Camberwell Fine Binding /  Camberwell Society  /  Community X  /  Conley & Co  /  CoolTan Arts  /  Creative Craft Zone  /  Crunch  /  Culture Tree  /  DKUK  /  D minor records  /  Drawing People Together  /  Copeland Park  /  Dulwich Picture Gallery  /  Fabulosis Films  /  Fineartproszowski  /  Flat Time House  /  Footprint Scenery  /  Girls about Peckham   /   Glebe Estate Resident's Association  /   Green Lab  /  GUAP  /  The Guild of St George  /  Jamps  /  Jazz Dance Elite  /  Kaymet London Limited  /  The Kiln Rooms  /  Kinetika Bloco  /  Levitate Meditation   /  Little Bevan Street Crafts  /  London College of Communication, UAL  /  London Youth Support Trust  /  M.Y.O ('Make Your Own')  /  Macob Organic Boutique Ltd  /  Make It Studio  /  Matteo Bianchi Studio  /  MAS_work  /  Morley College   /  Mountview Academy  /  Nine Circles Designs  /  Nuuksio Films  /  Pearson Art Ltd   /  Peckham Festival  /  Peckham Levels  /  Peckham Peculiar  /  Peckham Platform  /  Peckham Vision  /  Peckhamplex  /  Pempeople  /  ReStore Southeast London  /  Rockin Chairs  /  Rosie Tonkin Props  /  SE5 Forum for Camberwell  /  Sharp Raiser  /  Something and Son  /  South London Gallery  /  Southwark Resource Centre  /  Space Studios  /  Tannery Arts  /  Theatre Peckham  /  The Creativity Club  /  The Peckham Pelican  /  Theatre Deli - The Old Library  /  V22  /  Vibeology  /  Well Tech  /    The Wells Trust  /  Wormfood  /  YoungBlood  /  Zantyprop  /  55 east

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