Private water supplies

We have a duty to ensure the wholesomeness of private water supplies under The Private Water Supplies (England) Regulations 2016. A private water supply is water intended for human consumption that isn't provided directly by a water undertaker or licensed water supplier. Typically, this water is sourced from a borehole or well.

Private distribution systems (where the public supply is distributed by a third party to users who make payment for their water to that third party, not the water undertaker) are included in the regulations.

The regulations require us to:

  • carry out regular risk assessments and monitoring of such supplies
  • take action if a supply is found to be unwholesome or a potential danger to health

In carrying out its functions, we may charge a fee (see the following table).


Maximum charge £

Charging Scheme


Risk Assessment


Officer hourly rate × time

£43 per hour

Sampling per visit


Laboratory cost plus admin fee of £70

Fee includes travel, visit, sampling, assessment, administration



Officer hourly rate × time

For test failure

Granting Authorisation


Officer hourly rate × time

Where there's a temporary breach of water standards whilst remedial works are being done





<10m3/day  of water used or <50 people on the supply

Commercial - During Check monitoring


Officer hourly rate × time

To ensure compliance with water standards

Commercial - During Audit monitoring


Officer hourly rate × time plus analysis cost

For additional pollutants that are not routinely sampled

If you don't pay Thames Water for your water supply, you may have a private water supply. If so, contact us on environmental.protection@southwark.gov.uk.

Register of private water supplies

We're obliged to maintain a register of local private water supplies. At the present time, there are no entries in the register.

Page last updated: 18 September 2017