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Air quality monitoring data

We have six continuous Air Quality Monitoring Stations (AQMS) at these locations:

  • Old Kent Road
  • Elephant and Castle
  • Tower Bridge Road
  • Lower Road
  • Vicarage Grove
  • South Circular Road

These stations measure air pollution every hour, including:

At the Elephant and Castle AQMS, we also monitor:

View the latest results from our monitoring stations

Nitrogen dioxide diffusion tube survey

We also measure monthly averages of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) at several locations across the borough using NO2 diffusion tubes.

You can download our NO2 tube site Excel report for the years 2012 to 2022 below:

The air pollution data for Southwark for the period 1950 to 1992 can be found in the Air Pollution in Southwark 1950 to 1992 report, which includes the following chapters:

Page last updated: 05 April 2023


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