Step-by-Step - Help and advice

If you're struggling to pay your Council Tax, Business Rates, Former Tenant Arrears or General Invoices because of financial difficulties, then seek advice as soon as you can to get some help.

Please see below for some useful contacts and information

Benefits and support  - information about Council Tax Reduction, Housing Benefit and other benefits and support available

Apply for Council Tax Reduction – if your income has gone down you could get money off your Council Tax bill

Apply for emergency support - if you've had a sudden loss or reduction to your income and can’t meet your household’s basic needs

Reducing your Business Rates Bill – information about Business Rates reductions – for independent debt advice and support – for independent advice

If you have a question or want to talk to one of our team, please call 020 3929 8455.

Page last updated: 02 September 2020

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