Annexe discounts

You may receive a 50% Council Tax discount if you have a self-contained annexe or granny flat. You’ll qualify if it’s lived in by a relative or resident of the main house.

Apply for a Council Tax discount for an occupied annexe

What you need to know

The annexe is a separate area

Your annexe must be a self-contained and separate living area from your main house. You’ll have to check whether your annexe is banded as a separate area with the Valuation Office Agency and given it’s own Council Tax band.

The annexe must be in use

Someone doesn't actually have to live in the annexe to qualify for the discount; it's enough that you use it as a separate living space. However, if someone does live there, it must be a family member.

Where a non-family member occupies an annexe, the discount will not apply.

You may not have to pay Council Tax for your annexe

If a close relative over 65 years old who is severely mentally impaired or substantially and permanently disabled lives in the annexe, you may get an exemption which means you won't have to pay Council Tax for your annexe as long as they live there.

Apply for a Council Tax exemption for your annexe

Page last updated: 08 November 2021


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