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Challenging or appealing your bill

If you think your Council Tax bill is wrong, you can ask us to check it. If you disagree with our decision, you can appeal to an independent tribunal. You can also appeal against your Council Tax band or the date of a completion notice.

You must continue to pay your Council Tax bill while you do this

Please choose the area your challenge relates to:


If you've moved, you must tell us about a change of address if you haven't yet done so. If you've received a bill and you don’t think you’re the person liable to pay, please challenge your bill

Discounts and exemptions

There are many ways to reduce your bill. If you've applied for a discount or exemption but haven't received it or you think the amount is wrong, please challenge your bill

Council Tax Reduction

Council Tax Reduction is a discount awarded to people on low incomes or claiming benefits.

Once you've applied for Council Tax Reduction and we've told you how much you'll get, you can ask us to check your bill if it doesn’t include Council Tax Reduction and you think it should, or if the amount of the reduction is wrong.

Disabled band reduction

You can apply for a disabled band reduction. If you've already applied and we've made a decision that you think is wrong, please challenge your bill.

Court costs

Court costs and court action can't be contested through the appeals process. However, if you'd like us to review our decision to take court action or charge costs, please challenge your bill.

Appealing to the Valuation Tribunal (VT)

If you still disagree with our decision after we've checked your bill, you can appeal to an independent tribunal. You must do this within 2 months of our reply to you after you've challenged your bill. You can also appeal to the VT if you haven't heard from us 2 months after challenging your bill.

You can't appeal to the tribunal unless you've challenged your bill first.

Appeal to the VT against Council Tax liability or the award of a discount, exemption or disabled band reduction

Appeal to the VT against an award of Council Tax Reduction

Completion notice appeal

A completion notice tells you the date you must start paying Council Tax once your home has finished either being built or undergoing major improvements.

Appeal the date on a completion notice to the VT.

You must do this within 28 days of the date the completion notice was served.

Council Tax band appeal

Council Tax bands are set by the Valuation Office Agency (VOA), not the council.

You can challenge your Council Tax band if you think it’s wrong. The VOA will tell you how your band's been worked out. If they agree your band is wrong, they’ll put it right and we’ll then update your Council Tax bill.

Page last updated: 06 July 2021


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