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Welcome to Southwark information for guests from Ukraine

Find information about arriving from the Ukraine, about life in the UK, how to get financial benefits, finding a job, seeking medical help and applying for schools places, including some translations into Ukraine and Russian.

UK Government welcome information for people from the Ukraine

The UK Government has a welcome guide for Ukrainians  arriving in the UK in English, Ukrainian and Russian covering:

  • what you need to know in your first few days
  • getting used to life in the UK including how to find a home
  • access to essential public services (council and healthcare services)
  • what to do if things go wrong and help from emergency services (police, ambulance and fire services)
  • healthcare
  • how to find work and childcare
  • schools and colleges.
  • claiming Social Security Benefits and getting a National Insurance Number

Page last updated: 01 June 2022


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