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Fairer, Greener, Safer Southwark's Council Delivery Plan

Our priorities and promises to Southwark residents

Our Council Delivery Plan (PDF, 4.5mb) sets out our priorities and commitments to the people of Southwark until 2026.

It's an action plan, which will drive the work of the entire council and focus our resources and time to ensure we're pulling together to make our borough fairer, greener and safer for all our residents.

Our plan is set out in seven separate themes:

  • transforming our borough
  • a thriving and inclusive economy
  • a healthy environment
  • quality, affordable homes
  • keeping you safe
  • investing in communities
  • supporting families

These themes will describe how we answer the big questions - tackling the rising cost of living, building more council homes, reducing our carbon emissions, creating new jobs and opportunities and protecting the borough’s mental and physical health.

But this plan also sets out how we will get the basics right - supporting our young people to succeed at school, ensuring our older people are cared for, keeping our streets clean and ensuring our homes and neighbourhoods are safe and well looked after.

Our values in action

Everything that we do as a council is to work towards a fairer, safer and greener Southwark. Our values inform how we will do this and will guide our decisions and determine how we deliver on the commitments that we've made.

Since 2010, when we first started our vision, many of the challenges and solutions have changed, but our values remain as strong as ever. We remain committed to supporting, standing up for and empowering residents. Our residents are still at the heart of everything we do and they've helped us form the values that underpin the work of the council.

This is why in 2020 when the pandemic took hold and revealed even further the stark inequalities we face, we strengthened our values statement to include a commitment to equality and our opposition to discrimination and racism. As times change we will continue to review and update our values. These values will continue to inform all the work we do across the council and what you can expect from us.

We will:

  • treat residents as if they were valued members of our own family
  • be open, honest and accountable
  • work for everyone to realise their own potential
  • spend money as if it were from our own pocket
  • make Southwark a place to be proud of
  • always work to make Southwark more equal and just
  • stand against all forms of discrimination and racism

Read the full Council Delivery Plan (PDF, 4.5mb)

Page last updated: 13 November 2023


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