The Mayor of Southwark

The Mayor of Southwark and The Civic Office are the council's chief custodians of civic pride and its champions of community cohesion. 

This is very much in keeping with Southwark's position as 'London's most historic borough' and our proven reputation for promoting good relations between residents of every background. We also support others in the council and the community to do likewise - to celebrate all that is good about life in Southwark.

Like most London boroughs the mayoralty in Southwark is representational by nature. This means that the Mayor holds no executive powers and the office of Mayor is fundamentally apolitical, neutral, and independent. This is one of its greatest strengths and means that the Mayor can represent all sections of the community as First Citizen without fear or favour.

At the same time the office of Mayor carries its own unique set of rights and historic entitlements. For example, the Mayor of a borough has long been recognised as being second only to Royalty and to the Queen's Deputy, the Lord Lieutenant or the Representative Deputy Lieutenant.

This means that the Mayor has unlimited rights to precedence in the borough and is always afforded due dignity and respect as the most important person in attendance at public events, save those where a member of The Royal Family and Her Majesty's Deputy is present. For civic events within the borough boundaries where the Queen's Deputy is present, but not a member of the Royal Family, the Mayor enjoys precedence over all as First Citizen. 

Councillor Sandra Rhule was elected Mayor and Councillor Barrie Hargrove was appointed as Deputy Mayor in a unique civic celebration at Southwark Cathedral on Saturday 18 May 2019, incorporating The Southwark Civic Awards and Annual Meeting of the Council (incorporating the election and installation of the new mayor of Southwark).

Page last updated: 01 February 2020