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Let's talk about...women's safety

Women's safety

Anecdotal evidence suggests that female sexual harassment in bars and night clubs is seen as normalised behaviour and goes unchallenged and unreported. Harassment can frequently be trivialised and women and men can feel that it's not worth confronting.

We take this type of harassment seriously and believe it's an issue that reduces the quality of life for women. We carried out a large scale consultation with the public, council and partner officers, elected members and licensees to hear about your experiences and understand what can be done to keep women safe from harassment on a night out.

We’re proud to be launching the Women’s Night Safety Charter. The charter is based on a number of key principles. These ensure all staff working at licensed premises will act in a responsible and supportive manner and take all reports seriously. 

The Women’s Night Safety Charter will send out a clear message that female harassment on these premises will not be tolerated. It forms part of:  

  • the Mayor’s Tackling Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy  
  • London’s commitment to the UN Women and Safe Cities and Safe Public Spaces global initiative  

Read more about the Women’s Night Safety Charter. 

If your organisation would like to get involved, email We will send you more information and training details. 

The Women's Safety Charter

  • prominently display high visibility posters in the venue which discourage harassment and encourage reporting
  • take every report of harassment and sexual intimidation seriously and take appropriate action
  • take active steps to support persons who report harassment or sexual intimidation which might take place in their premises
  • train all front of house staff to address women's safety and harassment
  • take active ste;ps to ensure women leave the venue safely 

Page last updated: 13 March 2024


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