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Parent to Parent Peer Advocacy

Information for parents about having a parent advocate

How a parent advocate can help

Any parent having a Child Protection Conference (CPC) or other meeting with children’s services can ask to have a parent advocate.

Because they understand what it's like to have professionals involved with their family, parent advocates are able to help you by:

  • providing emotional support
  • helping you understand the process and what to expect at the meeting
  • discussing the professional report
  • ensuring your views are heard at the meeting

The support provided by parent advocates takes place in three stages:

  1. The parent advocate meets with you before the CPC/meeting to discuss the professional report, and help you think about your views on the best plan for your family and any support you would like.
  2. The parent advocate attends the CPC/meeting with you to make sure you feel supported, are able to express your views, and question anything you're unsure of.
  3. The parent advocate meets with you again after the CPC/meeting to discuss what will happen next and make sure you feel more confident taking part in future meetings.

How to request support from a parent advocate

If you have been notified that a CPC or other meeting with children’s services will be taking place and you'd like to have the support of a parent advocate, you can either:

  • ask your social worker to make a referral
  • email us

If you'd like any further information about having a parent advocate or have any questions, contact Jacqui Cox, the family inclusion coordinator on 07714 073 719 or email us.

Page last updated: 24 February 2022


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