Advice for parents and carers

Online or on the phone, help your child keep safe

Computers, the internet, mobile phones, digital cameras, internet cafes, social networking sites, web blogs and internet shopping are all part of everyday life for many young people, but it's important your children know how to keep safe while benefiting from modern technology.

Dangers can include:

  • being contacted by abusive adults who may lie about their age 
  • distress caused by looking at inappropriate images
  • losing money through using fraudulent sites (eg ticket sales)
  • reputation damage through distribution of demeaning images of your child online or by mobile phone
  • committing crimes (eg illegal downloading)

Top tips for parents

Talk to your child as soon as they start to use the computer and make sure they:

  • do an on-line safety course appropriate for their age (see links below)
  • know how to close down and report any inappropriate images they access online
  • know NEVER to give out any personal details such as address, phone number or real name online
  • know NEVER to meet anyone they've 'met' online without taking a responsible adult 
  • know NEVER to send out any images of themselves or friends they woudn't want you or their teacher to see!

It's also important that you: 

  • find out more yourself (see links below)
  • make sure you have up to date anti virus software and parental controls on any home computers 
  • report any concerns you have

Find out more

For parents and carers

  • Thinkuknow - information for parents, safety webcasts, download tools for free and report abuse

For young people

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Page last updated: 15 September 2021


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