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May 2018

Convicted trader pleads guilty to contempt of court

A Bermondsey based trader, who was given a 24 month suspended prison sentence for fraud, money laundering and trade marks offences in May 2017 over the sale of counterfeit DVDs, pleaded guilty to the offence of contempt of court at the Inner London Crown Court. The contempt was due to a breach of a restraint order obtained by the council under the Proceeds of Crime Act. The breach arose in relation to the proceeds of a vehicle sale and the transfer of funds into un-declared accounts. The defendant’s sentencing was adjourned until a later date.

Rogue traders target the elderly

In separate incidents two elderly householders were subject to cold-calls by rogue traders who said the roofs were in need of repair. In one case over £10,000 was paid out without any work being carried out and in the other over £36,000 was paid out for new roof works. However more monies were then demanded when the old roof had been removed. Trading Standards were contacted and ensured the relevant banks and local police were alerted to suspected fraud and money laundering offences. Joint investigations are ongoing, including assessing whether any works needed doing at all.

Underage sales of knives and alcohol

Two days of knife test purchasing took place in a partnership operation with the Metropolitan Police as part of their Operation Sceptre anti-knife crime campaign. Pound shops, supermarkets and hardware stores were visited by underage volunteers in order to assess compliance with the law about not selling to under 18s. There were four sales and the sellers received Simple Cautions or warnings.

Five convenience shops selling alcohol were also subject to test purchasing with one underage sale which resulted in the issuing of a Simple Caution.

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