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May 2022

Knife test purchasing

An underage sales test purchasing operation took place with local police to check premises were not selling knives to children. Volunteer police cadets aged 16 attempted six test purchases at premises in Walworth and Camberwell. All except one premise correctly refused to sell. The exercise was part of a London-wide program conducted by police and trading standards authorities called Operation Sceptre.

Doorstep crime campaign supported

Support was given to the launch of a new campaign by London Trading Standards on the council's social media. A new doorstep crime booklet has been produced giving information on what to look out for, ways to stay alert against rogue traders and who to contact if you’re concerned. The leaflet is available online or copies can be obtained direct from local trading standards.

Illegal alcohol seized

Over 100 high strength alcoholic bitters were seized from a store in Walworth. The products did not bear duty paid stamps and had been purchased from unidentifiable itinerant sources. It's illegal to keep smuggled products on licensed premises and there are requirements that food products on sale must be traceable throughout the the supply chain.

Page last updated: 28 June 2022

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