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August 2018

First UK custodial sentence for selling illegal skin lighteners

A prosecution of Jennys Cosmetics Limited, and its Director, resulted in 20 months prison time, a company fine of £1,500 and costs of £5,000 for Mohammed Iqbal Bharodawala, (45) of Heigham Rd, London E6, at the Inner London Crown Court. In November 2015 he was given a suspended sentence of 12 months (to be activated if he were to reoffend within a two year period) for similar offences that took place at the same East Street business in 2014.

A company called Jenny’s Online Limited, run by Bharodawala’s brother, Abdul Kadar Bharodawala (35), of Haldane Road, London, E6 also pleaded guilty to three offences each under cosmetic product safety regulations for three products sold online. He received a one year community order, 80 hours unpaid work, costs of £4,500 and a fine of £500 against the company.

Underage test purchasing

40 test purchases of alcohol and tobacco were undertaken by a 15 year old volunteer. Of 24 tobacco test purchases there were four sales (compliance rate 83%). Of 16 alcohol test purchases there were two sales (compliance rate 88%).

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