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Trading standards monthly news

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October 2023

Illicit tobacco and alcohol seized

Some 9,700 packs of illicit cigarettes and 16kg of illicit hand rolling tobacco packs were seized from a retail premise in SE16. The haul was found during an inspection with tobacco sniffer dogs. The dogs are trained to detect hidden tobacco products. Some 500 litres of bottled alcohol products were also seized from the premises because they were believed to be duty evaded and failed to comply with food labelling and other requirements.  

Counterfeit goods and illegal vapes seized

Fifty-five mobile phone accessories were seized from a premises in Peckham because they were believed to be counterfeit. Many of these items were sub-standard chargers and leads that falsely bore Apple trademarks. Thirty-three illegal disposable vapes were also seized from four premises.

Firework test purchasing

Two underage sales test-purchasing operations took place using a 15-year-old volunteer. The operations focussed on fireworks. All eight premises in the borough that sell fireworks were tested and all correctly refused to sell to the child. This continues firework retailers' 100% compliance rate over the last seven years.

At two other premises, the volunteer was sold alcohol and vapes and follow up actions are ongoing.

Weights and measures inspections

Inspections took place at 23 pubs and food retailers across the borough. Five scales were checked at grocery, fish and butcher shops with one machine needing corrective action to bring it into compliance. Notices were issued at various pubs regarding price display issues and non-approved measures.

Page last updated: 09 November 2023


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