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Tower cranes licence

To allow Tower Cranes to extend over the public highway during development works, you're required to gain an oversail licence issued under Section 178 of the Highways Act 1980.

You must have planning permission for the related development before a licence can be granted.

Applying for a licence

You can apply for a tower crane licence by downloading an application form (PDF, 31kb)

We recommend applying for the licence a minimum of three months before the crane is due to be installed.

You'll need to enclose with your application a plan of the crane location including the area that will be oversailed.


You'll need to pay:

  • an annual fee of £250 (payable upon the completion of the agreement and each year thereafter that the licence is in effect)
  • legal fees on completion of the licence (approximately £3,500)

If you have any queries or concerns or require further information contact us.

Check the full list of Highways licensing fees and charges. If you cancel a licence there is a Cancellation Fee, which is 30% of the licence fee.

Page last updated: 09 April 2024


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