Dogs in Parks

Public Space Protection Orders (known as PSPOs) were introduced by the government in 2014 in order to help councils tackle anti-social behaviour locally. PSPOs help ensure public spaces can be enjoyed by everyone and are free from anti-social behaviour.


You can find information about the byelaws for parks and open spaces (PDF, 272kb) here.

In addition to our park byelaws, we also have dog related byelaws (PDF, 56kb) which specify where dogs must be kept on leads and dog prohibited areas.

Why Southwark introduced a PSPO

Southwark introduced a PSPO to tackle dog related anti-social behaviour so that we can make our public places cleaner and safer for everyone to enjoy. The majority of dog owners in the borough are responsible owners, pick up after their dogs and keep them under proper control. However there are a minority of dog owners who aren’t responsible, and dog fouling, safety fears and owners not controlling their dogs in public have been raised as concerns by our residents.

By introducing this PSPO, we have a more comprehensive and consistent approach to dealing with issues such as dog fouling, keeping dogs on leads and can exclude dogs from specified areas. PSPOs allow us to deal efficiently with the minority of dog owners who behave irresponsibly, whilst also encouraging a culture of responsible dog ownership.

You can view the dog fouling and dog control PSPO Order (PDF, 3.5mb) here.

The new dog control PSPO came into force on 26 March 2018. Any previous Dog Control Orders no longer applies. The PSPO lasts for three years. Any byelaw currently in place that provides for the same requirements or restrictions in a particular area covered by a PSPO will be revoked for the duration of the PSPO.

Offences that the PSPO covers

PSPO requirements and restrictions


Map of area

Dog faeces must be cleaned up by those responsible for their dog(s)

Borough Wide


Dogs must be put on lead when instructed to do so by an authorised officer*

* Authorised officer is an officer of the council with delegated authority to enforce the PSPO regulations, Civil Enforcement Officer, Police Officer or Police Community Support Officer.

Borough Wide


Dogs must be kept on a lead
Maximum of six dogs with one handler

Camberwell New Cemetery and Honor Oak Crematorium - as highlighted on map 


Dogs must be kept on a lead
Maximum of six dogs with one handler

Camberwell Old Cemetery - as highlighted on map  


Dogs must be kept on a lead
Maximum of six dogs with one handler

Nunhead Cemetery - as highlighted on map


Dog exclusion areas

Children’s play areas** within Parks and Open Spaces
Children’s play areas** within housing estates
**Defined as gated children’s play areas containing play equipment

Link to follow

Maximum of 6 dogs with one handler with 3 dogs allowed off a lead at any one time

Borough Wide (excluding One Tree Hill)
and dogs on lead areas in cemeteries


The fine for ignoring a PSPO

If you ignore the rules contained in the PSPO, you could be fined:

  • £100 (a Fixed Penalty Notice)
  • up to £1,000 if it goes to court

If you pay the fine within 14 days the cost is £100. If you pay the fine within 10 days this is reduced to £80. 

You won’t be fined if you have an exemption from the dog control PSPO (see below).

Exemptions to the dog control PSPO

Those who have a recognised disability which affects mobility, manual dexterity, physical coordination or ability to lift, carry or otherwise move everyday objects, and are in charge of an assistance dog trained by a relevant charity are exempt for the purposes of the PSPO.

How we're helping

  • we have two FIDO machines, which clean up dog fouling in all of our parks across the borough; many of our medium and large parks have designated 'no dogs' areas
  • dog waste bags are free from Southwark’s libraries and park offices; we have 316 dog waste bins, and are spreading the word that dog waste can now be disposed of in litter bins too
  • we hold dog events, dog shows and supplies tool kits; at some events we offer free microchipping (find more information about responsible dog ownership here)
  • we have a Dog Action Group, who meet regularly and work with the Police, Battersea Dogs Home and the RSPCA
  • the Dog (Fouling of Land) Act 1996 applies to all public areas in the country, and allows councils to issue Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) to owners who don't clean up after their dog

How you can help

You can report dog fouling here.

If you witness dogs that are dangerously out of control or dog attacks, report this to the police. If you witness any dog related anti-social behaviour, report this to

If you have any other questions, email

For more information on dog fouling and measures to tackle irresponsible dog owners, read our page on responsible dog ownership

Page last updated: 26 February 2019


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