Reuse your items

A large proportion of what we throw away can be reused or repaired.

There are lots of opportunities for reusing items in the home or in the community. So before throwing something away, stop and think, can it be reused?

Pass it on to a furniture reuse project

Don't throw away that old sofa because someone else might be able to use it. There are a number of local outlets in Southwark that will collect good quality, second-hand goods for reuse.

If you have something that you don't want anymore, you can pass it on by using Freecycle. You could also find something that you would like with these free 'swapshops'. They're also locally based organisations providing this opportunity, such as Globechain.

British Heart Foundation furniture and electrical store

This store accepts all good quality furniture and electrical items for sale in their shop. All proceeds go to charity and electrical goods are fully serviced before resale. If you live around Old Kent Road, get in touch with them to get your bulky items picked up from your home for free.

 For more information go to the British Heart Foundation website or visit the shop at 211-219 Old Kent Road, SE1 5LU.

Take advantage of charity shops

There are loads of charity shops in Southwark that rely on donations. They stock a huge range of quality second hand products and are a great place to pick up a bargain. So think before you buy and ask yourself if you could buy that second hand?

Please note that charity shops do not generally accept electrical items. It's always best to check beforehand.

Reusing at home

Reuse can also be a change of use. Sometimes an everyday item does not need to end up as waste as it can be reused in a totally new way. Such as:

  • reuse plastic carriers at the shops or as bin liners
  • margarine and ice cream tubs and jam jars can be used as storage containers
  • plastic drinks bottles can be refilled again and again rather than buying a new drink every time 
  • old yoghurt pots make excellent flower pots
  • plastic food trays can be used as seed trays

See for innovative ideas on how you can think about your waste in a different way.

Use your local library

Instead of buying a new book every time, take advantage of your local library for free. Libraries in Southwark offer a range of additional services including CD, DVD and video hire, free access to the internet and a book-bus service for elderly people and people with disabilities.

Page last updated: 21 September 2021


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