Your recycling containers

Whether we collect your waste from bins or sacks depends on the type of property that you live in:

Houses and flats at street level

If you live in a house or flat at street level, you will normally be provided a blue bin for your recycling. In most cases if you have a green rubbish bin you will also be able to use a blue bin.

You can place all your recyclable materials in your bin mixed together. There is no need to separate anything out.

If your bin has been damaged or lost you can  request a replacement online.

The council previously supplied blue boxes for recycling collections, but these are no longer available - mainly because of the risk of injury to both residents and crews when lifting full blue boxes.  We now only supply wheeled bins, and blue box collections will be phased out shortly. If you still have a blue box, you can continue to use it until a replacement bin is provided, but we would not be able to supply replacements.

Flats in houses

If you live in a flat in a house that is not at the street level, you will need to use our weekly recycling doorstep collection service.

We will regularly provide you with new recycling bags, but you can request more of them online.

Please ensure your items are stored correctly; your recycling may not be collected if you put anything else in your recycling bag or if you put your recycling into a different container.

Tie your recycling bag securely so the materials don't get wet or blow away and litter the area.

Flats above shops

If you live in a flat above a shop, we will provide you with a pack of recycling bags and your designated collection day.

Leave your bag beside a public litter bin by the shops by 6am on your collection day.

Please order more online the week before you run out.

Flats and apartments in blocks

If you live in a flat or in an apartment in a block, we will provide communal recycling bins, wherever possible, for use by all residents. We try to place the bins in a convenient place for residents, for instance in a bin store.

Always make sure to:

  • allow space for everyone to recycle by squashing your cardboard boxes, drink cans and plastics bottles
  • not leave any recycling on top or beside the recycling bins, as it makes the area look untidy and it may not be collected for recycling
  • take the bag away with you, if you use a bag to carry your recycling in

Tenants and Residents Associations/Tenants Management Organisations (TRAs/TMOs)

Let us know if you are a member of a TRA or a TMO and would like a box of recycling bags kept at your hall to dispense to residents in between deliveries.

Page last updated: 26 November 2020


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