Request household waste bins or bags

When to use the online form

You can use the online form to request a replacement bin for the type of waste collection you currently receive, or to request additional recycling bags.  However, you cannot request a different type of collection. For example, if you currently receive recycling bags, we will not be able to provide you with a blue wheeled bin for your recycling.

Please note:

  1. Communal bins are provided to landlords and property managers under a hire contract, and cannot be requested using this form.  You will need to contact your landlord or property manager if you need this type of container.
  2. Most container deliveries are completed within 7 working days.  During the roll out of the new garden waste subscription service during April to June 2019, containers for organic waste recycling will take up to 6 weeks because of the large number of deliveries.  
  3. Supplies of general refuse sacks are provided quarterly for some households. Additional refuse sacks cannot be requested through this form.  If you require additional sacks you will need to purchase them yourself.

Request a replacement bin or bag

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Page last updated: 24 January 2020