Recycling discovery centre

We are keen for all students in Southwark to discover more about what happens to our waste and recycling. 

We have developed an education centre as part of our integrated waste management facility. Its aim is to provide an informative and engaging experience to encourage sustainable waste management.


You can participate in national curriculum based activities and take a tour of our materials recovery facility. See where recycling from your home and school is sorted before being recycled into new products!

The centre is designed for key stage 2, years 5 and 6 and is available for all schools in Southwark. The minimum age is nine and sessions take place during February, March, October and November.

We are also Learning Outside the Classroom accredited, so you can be confident with the quality and safety of the place you are visiting.   

Request a visit to the centre

Once your booking has been confirmed you will receive a welcome pack including essential health and safety information and recommended activities to carry out before and after your visit to help you:

  • consolidate what has been learned through the visit
  • teach other children in your school about the things your class have learned through their visit

You can also make use of some of our workshop ideas. 

Page last updated: 12 January 2018


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