Family recycling fun

Get your family into reuse and recycling by trying some of our ideas.

We run special school visits to the facility all year round and children not only get to tour the facility but also have a great time learning about recycling and materials in our Recycling Discovery Centre, where the interactive exhibits have been designed by the team responsible for many of the exhibits in the Science Museum. If you have a child at primary school, why not mention this to their teacher as a potential school visit.

Make a milk bottle elephant

Homemade gifts and decorations are fun to create and look great. Try making lanterns and birds out of old wrapping paper or Christmas decorations out of old cards. You can also have a go at making these fab festive elephants out of old milk bottles.

You will need:     

  • a plastic milk bottle with a handle (any size will do)
  • old wrapping paper
  • PVA glue
  • craft foam or old Christmas cards for ears
  • googlie eyes (or draw some on sticky paper)
  • glitter, fabric and shiny paper to adorn your elephants

What to do:

  1. Wash and dry your milk bottle. Using a craft knife or sharp pair of scissors cut the milk bottle in half just above the label, cutting off the handle to make a trunk
  2. Cut up pieces of wrapping paper into squares. Cover the bottle in PVA glue and stick the tissue squares all over the elephant
  3. Cut out two ears and a little tail from the craft foam or card and stick on to the elephant
  4. Once the elephant is dry add two eyes and decorate with
  5. Use larger and smaller milk bottles to create a whole family of festive elephants

Page last updated: 08 August 2022


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