Road closures for events

Sometimes roads are closed to allow special sporting events, street parties or parades to take place. Anyone organising an event can apply to have a road closed, although usually requests come from large organizations. We aim to support local events and will consider all applications carefully.

If the event requires closing the road to traffic, then a traffic regulation order is required from Southwark Council and written permission is required from the police. The organiser of the event has to pay for any costs involved with closing the road (eg arranging diversions and notices about the closure).

Organising a road closure takes time so at least six weeks notice is required. For larger events where main routes or a number of roads have to be closed we need up to three months. Usually roads which are closed for sporting events can only be closed once a year. If they are to be closed on more than one occasion, consent must be given by the Department of Transport.

Demonstrations are dealt with by the police rather than the council. The police must be contacted so that they can make the appropriate arrangements.

We will notify the public of any road closures and by putting up signs on the streets that will be closed. You can also check the street works register for advance notice of any closures to Southwark streets that may disrupt traffic.

If a big event is happening, very often parking will be temporarily restricted too. Information about any temporary parking restrictions can be found in the parking of this website.

If a big event is happening, parking is usually temporarily restricted. You can find temporary parking restrictions in our section.

Applying for a order

To apply for a temporary traffic order for special events section 16(a) licence, download an application form (pdf, 50kb) We advise you to read the guidance notes attached to the form before applying.

If you have any queries or concerns or require further information contact us.

Page last updated: 14 February 2020

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