Play Streets

By signing up to and supporting Play Streets, your children can play safely on the streets without any traffic.

Founded by London Play, this scheme aims to revive the 'play time' culture of the past. Play Streets promote healthy activities and also bring the community together.

During the summer months, we ease traffic regulations to help local people set up play activities for their children.

Applicants and participants must adhere to current social distancing guidelines and government COVID-19 restrictions. Find the latest information here

How it works

Successful applicants will be granted a temporary play street order, which allows a road to be closed for a maximum of three hours for one day per month.

While organisers have overall responsibility for the event (eg physically blocking the road), we offer advice and can help provide barriers if necessary.

Organisers must ensure that residents living on the road, including those not involved in the activity, are able to park and access their homes as normal.

Applying for the scheme

To apply, download the Play Streets application form (pdf, 82kb) and email us your completed forms. All applications must demonstrate that there's local support for the scheme.

Page last updated: 06 May 2021

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