Get election ready

The UK General Election is on 4 July. 
Register to vote by 18 June.
If you need to vote by post, you must apply to do this by 5pm on 19 June.
You need valid photo ID to vote in person. If you don’t have valid ID, apply by 5pm on 26 June for a Voter Authority Certificate.  
Find out more about voting and elections in Southwark

Obstructions on roads and pavements

It's an offence to obstruct public roads, footpaths and pavements. Anyone found deliberately causing an obstruction without either authorisation or a good excuse can be prosecuted. We will enforce the law within Southwark and ensure that all public areas are clear of obstructions. 

If you notice any obstructions on the public highway, please let us know using the details below:

  • builders' skips or materials (eg piles of bricks, sand, concrete etc)
  • road works safety barriers that have fallen over
  • scaffolding or hoardings
  • signs or advertising boards that are unauthorised
  • shop goods or tables displaying goods on the pavement that are unauthorised
  • tables and chairs from pubs, cafes and restaurants
  • vehicles that are parked illegally or have been abandoned


  • traders or vendors that are illegal or unauthorised


  • branches, bushes or hedges that overhang or block
  • fly tipped rubbish
  • wheelie bins, trade waste bins
  • any other obstruction


Page last updated: 14 February 2020


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