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Transport for London Santander cycles
Santander Cycles

Find out about ways of hiring a bike or cargo bike, or trying out a bike before you buy one in Southwark. 

Transport for London Santander cycle hire

You can sign up to use the TfL Santander cycle scheme. There are currently more bikes available for hire in the north of the borough than in the south. Find your nearest Santander cycle docking station

Peddle My Wheels Try Before You Bike scheme

Peddle My Wheels runs a bike hire scheme called Try Before You Bike

Try Before You Bike is a user-friendly scheme that is specifically designed to encourage people to cycle:

  • pay monthly for a bike (including hybrid, folding bikes, e-cargo bikes and adaptive trikes) with an easy to order process
  • free friendly delivery to your door with accessories (helmet, lights and lock), guidance and a bespoke training session of up to two hours 
  • no deposit or hidden fees
  • affordable purchase options and Cycle To Work available
  • free collection - if you decide the bike is not for you
  • support and encouragement to help you get confident on the roads

Sign up with Peddle My Wheels who run the programme on our behalf.

Free trials for Try Before You Bike

As part of the 'Streets for People' initiative, we're funding free trials for Try Before You Bike. By using the voucher codes below when ordering your bike, you're eligible for three months of free hire of the bike. You can then choose to buy the bike at a discounted price.

Free trial voucher codes for Try Before You Bike

Use one of the following codes on the Try Before You Bike website to get a discount:

  • standard bikes -  bikestreetsforpeople
  • cargo bikes - cargostreetsforpeople
  • adaptive bikes -  adaptivestreetsforpeople

How to claim your free three-month trial for Try Before You Bike

  • order your bike at Try Before You Bike
  • when you reach the 'cart' stage, add the relevant voucher and your first three months of use will be free
  • all you have to pay is the monthly insurance fee
  • this offer is available for a limited number of trials only

Please note: if you've already benefitted from a voucher, you cannot re-apply.

OurBike community cargo bike share

Southwark was the first borough in London to introduce the OurBike community e-cargo bike share scheme which is now running in other London boroughs.

  • you can hire bikes from Lordship Lane, East Dulwich, Dulwich Village and Walworth
  • the scheme is similar to a car share scheme, but for electric cargo bikes so local businesses and residents can hire the bike by the minute
  • each bike is partnered with a business based in the community to encourage people to support local businesses, reduce emissions and experience fun, stress-free transport
  • the hire fees are subsidised by us and cost £0.75 per 15 minutes
  • all new members get 60 minutes free use for their first ride and 180 minutes if they're a business
  • included in the scheme is free training for anyone who has never used an electric cargo bike before
  • the bikes are all electric and three wheeled and they can carry up to 150kg including the rider
  • there is seating for two children or one adult inside and lots of space for everything from your pet dog to a lawn mower
  • to check the bike locations and get started:

Find out more about the OurBike cargo bike hire scheme.

Page last updated: 30 January 2024


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