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Department for transport pothole funding 2018/19

In October 2018, the Chancellor announced in the budget that the government was allocating £420 million in the 2018/19 financial year for local highways maintenance, including the repair of potholes, to keep local bridges and structures open and safe, as well as to fund other minor highway works that may be needed to maintain a safe highway.

Ministers agreed to provide London with £20 million. The council received funding of £558k on 13 November 2018 with the condition that this was spent by end of March 2019.

Works carried out

Scheme: South Croxted Road - footway improvement works

Programme: November 2018 to March 2019
Cost: £250k to be fully funded from allocation
Works: Footway improvement works to improve condition, accessibility and public realm along this route.

Scheme: Hampton Street/Steedman Street – condition/public realm improvements

Programme: February to June 2019
Cost: £350k (£250k funded through S106), remainder (£100k) funded from allocation
Works: Condition, public realm, safety and accessibility improvements within Hampton Street and Steedman Street, both carriageway and footways.

Scheme: Lordship Lane - carriageway resurfacing

Programme: November/December 2018

Cost: £450k (£400k from NPR budget), remainder (£50k) funded from allocation.
Works: Carriageway resurfacing of major principal road route, sections between East Dulwich Road and Dulwich Common.

Scheme: Acorn Walk/Nelson Walk subway

Programme: February 2019
Cost: £15k
Works: Due to a recent fire in the subway, there's damage to the deck elements. The works comprise stripping all the deck elements of paint and repaint to match existing. The parapets will be cleaned and a new protective paint system applied. In addition, repairs will be undertaken to the underside footway.

Scheme: Salter Road Bridge

Programme: March 2019
Cost: £15k
Works: Repairs to the metal sheet piles which are extensively corroded with more than 50% section loss throughout the bridge elements. Repairs to retaining walls and parapets/pilasters.

Scheme: Salter Road footbridge (3 span)

Programme: January to March 2019
Cost: £30k
Repairs as follows:

  • repair of impact damage to restore structural elements to original dimensions
  • clean and treat the exposed and corroding reinforcement, reinstate concrete cover
  • repair the area of spalled concrete to the base of the east pier
  • unblock all blocked drains.
  • replace joint sealant to prevent water getting through to the deck
  • strip the parapets back to bare metal and reapply a corrosion prevention system
  • replace broken railing
  • rake out defective joint sealant and replace with a suitable joint sealant material
  • replace joint sealant to prevent water getting through to the deck

Scheme - Willowbrook Road Bridge

Programme: January to February 2019
Cost: £98k
Works: Carry out the removal of existing surface course, waterproofing and relay new waterproofing and surfacing.

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