Adult social care statistics

Southwark Adult Social Care has been working to deliver high quality services that provide residents with the support they need. We are very proud of the work we do and are committed to helping people live independently.

Our service users and how we supported them in 2022-23

  • 55% are female and 45% male.
  • 8% of people using long term services are from mixed ethnic minorities. 50% are White, 38% are Black and 4% are Asian.
  • We received 5,767 new requests for support.  
  • We provided Telecare to 2,920 people.
  • We received 6,076 OT referrals with 88% resolved at Contact and the remaining 12% or 741 referrals resolved by OT assessments.
  • Of people using long term services, 70% have a physical support need, 23% have a learning disability and 7% require mental health support.
  • 63% of people using long term services were satisfied with their care and support.
  • Of the 964 completed episodes of reablement, 83% concluded with reduced or no ongoing care.
  • 1,223 safeguarding concerns were resolved. 395 of them progressed into an enquiry, of which 96% resulted in removal or reduction of risk.
  • Of those who had reablement following a spell in hospital, 94% were still at home 91 days later.
  • We provided long term care and support to 4,384 people. We received £9 million in contributions from those who can afford to towards the cost of their care.
  • Of 171 people who completed Mental Health Reablement, 84% did not require ongoing long term services.
  • 97% of people felt their desired safeguarding outcomes were achieved. 1,030 DoLS applications were completed, with 66% granted.
  • 1,940 or 57% of people using long term services are aged 65 and older.

Download our Adult Social Care Infographics. (PDF, 1.6mb)

Page last updated: 22 November 2023


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