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Laptops for learning

Helping Southwark’s pupils learn during lockdown

Around 2500 disadvantaged Southwark pupils don’t have access to a laptop or internet connection for online learning, meaning they risk falling behind.  To change that, the council has joined forces with the London South Teaching School Alliance to get every child who needs one, a laptop or tablet.

Laptops for Learning crowdfund campaign


Southwark Council is match-funding a new crowdfunding campaign aimed at supporting Southwark pupils currently without access to a laptop for remote learning. The Laptops for Learning campaign, delivered in partnership with the London South Teaching School Alliance, is getting laptops to schools for the benefit of children and young people across the borough.  

To find out more or donate towards the campaign, visit our crowdfunder campaign page.

Donations of devices and in-kind IT support

We're also appealing to businesses to donate devices they may no longer need. Businesses can complete this short form to let us know about the devices they have so we can establish whether they can be repurposed for local schools.

We're not equipped to accept personal devices, however there are a number of schemes nationwide that would welcome a personal device donation, which can be found on the BBC’s Give a laptop webpage.
Laptops for learning


Southwark Council is working with Hyperoptic and Community Fibre who have pledged to provide free connection to digitally excluded families. The free connections will offer 50mbs and last up to 12 months. This is available on most Southwark’s council properties.

BT have also offered Southwark an unlimited number of BT Wi-fi cards, which will allow recipients to tap into BT Wi-fi hubs within their vicinity.  

Residents who may benefit from this service should look to apply via their children’s school.

Receiving laptops and free connections

Distribution of laptops and free connections are being made through local schools and lent to pupils. If your child does not have access to a laptop or a connection, please contact your child’s school for more information.

Any enquiries concerning the laptops for learning campaign or free connectivity, can be sent to

Page last updated: 08 July 2021

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