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The video guides on this page are designed to support our basic skills guide. This guide is available to download under the 'online training' section.

Connecting to Wi-Fi and checking your connection

Quickly and easily connect you device to available Wi-Fi networks. Check your connection is working and how strong your signal is.


Using a browser to get online

Find out how to access the internet using a browser. This video shows you how quick and easy it is to get online.


Using Google to search the internet: Part One

This video explores the Google search engine web page and shows you how to search the internet using both typing and voice recognition


Using Google to search the internet: Part Two

Begin ‘googling’ to find what you want on the internet, using the Google search engine. Find out how to refine your searches to make them more effective.


Setting the default browser page

Find out how to set the page you want to appear every time you open your browser. This video shows you how with four different browsers.

Navigating a website

Learn how to navigate the pages of a website by following this video exploring the BBC, Southwark Council and Learn My Way websites.

Southwark's e-library

See what Southwark’s online library has to offer. This video shows you how to join and to borrow a range of free e-resources.

Page last updated: 11 January 2023


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