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Use hybrid meeting rooms at Southwark

Hybrid meeting room instructions

Across the Southwark buildings, staff and visitors now have access to new technology that enables hybrid meetings. This is a move to modernise and adapt to the new ways in which we communicate with each other.

What is a hybrid meeting?

Hybrid meetings are meetings or events that feature at least one group of in-person/face-to-face attendees connecting virtually with other meeting attendees.

How will I know if the room is a hybrid meeting room?

Each room will be branded with the Hybrid meeting room logo to indicate it has hybrid meeting room technology.

Hybrid meeting room logo
Hybrid meeting room logo

Who can use hybrid meeting rooms?

Staff and visitors will have the opportunity to access hybrid meeting rooms. Visitors can be anyone external from the organisation. These might be our residents, consultants or Southwark partners.

How do I book a hybrid meeting room?

If you are a visitor looking to book a hybrid meeting room, email our Corporate Facilities Management at or the person from Southwark who you are in contact with.

Southwark staff will be able to book meeting rooms from Outlook. 

What training and support is available?

Please email us at if you need training for, or help with, our hybrid meeting rooms.

Page last updated: 06 September 2023


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