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Energy saving and carbon reduction

Low Carbon Schools Programme

Your school can benefit from our funding to help reduce energy consumption. The Low Carbon Schools Programme helps to fund heating and lighting improvements and can save your school thousands off its energy bills.

We're determined to lead from the front in reducing carbon emissions. A key aspect of this is our commitment to help all schools become as energy efficient as possible. This will both help schools save significant amounts of money from their energy bills and produce major reductions in our carbon footprint.

If you'd like to reduce your school’s energy bills, this programme offers:

  • a free, no obligation, energy audit of your school’s heating and lighting systems 
  • a full detailed summary of the findings, including all potential energy and financial savings and funding on offer
  • the programme incentivises schools to get involved by providing funding to pay for half the cost of any agreed improvements that will reduce gas or electricity consumption
  • full programme management from our corporate facilities team of any installation projects for agreed improvements

Energy efficiency is a priority

If you choose to do nothing and stick with your current heating and lighting systems, it's usually the most expensive option in the medium to long term. 

As of August 2015, the programme has worked with 22 primary schools in the borough. The combined annual projected energy bill savings from these projects come to £116,000, an average of £5,270 a year saved for each school. 

Request a free energy audit

If you'd like more information or to request a free energy audit for your school, contact us at  

Page last updated: 22 August 2017


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