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The Wooddene site

Notting Hill Housing Group have appointed Higgins Construction as the principal contractor for the redevelopment of the Wooddene site. They're now on site with enabling works, with construction due to start in July 2017 and be completed in January 2020.

You can speak to a member of the Higgins’ team about the works using the contact details below:

  • Chris Homewood: Senior Projects Manager - 07715 682023
  • Barry Oxford: Senior Resident Liaison Officer - 07730 821512
  • Murray Maunder: Projects Director - 07765 220773

The planning application for the 333 residential unit scheme was approved on 2 July 2013. For more information, visit Southwark's planning application register where application details will be uploaded and made available.

The re-sitting and construction of the new energy centre that will serve both the Acorn Estate and the new Wooddene scheme is nearly complete. The current heating plant rooms and chimney that serve the Acorn estate will be demolished once the new plant is up and running. There would be a requirement to connect the new energy centre to the existing underground heating mains. As a consequence, residents will be asked to relocate their cars from the carpark on Hollydene Road. Throughout these works, residents will be provided with adequate notice and alternative places to park.

Acorn Estate underground heating mains pipe renewal works

Alongside the construction of the new energy centre, Southwark is replacing the underground district heating pipes to Acorn Estate as repairs are no longer a viable option.

Mitie have been appointed to carry out the replacement of the underground heating mains works. They have been on site since February 2017, with their work scheduled for completion by February 2018.

External works

The new district heating mains will be entirely outside the properties, mostly below ground, although some pipes may run along outside walls. Regrettably, this will cause some disruption and diversions to access routes from 13 March 2017. Southwark Council will coordinate these works carefully to ensure minimum disruption.

Internal works

Access to every property will be required to enable the internal works to be carried out. It's anticipated these works will commence September 2017. The following works need to be carried out:

  • a survey of each property will determine the heating pipe entry point location and help draw out a plan of the route to the existing connection
  • appointments with residents will be arranged, to discuss and agree the best approach to works
  • appointments will be arranged with residents to install the pipework around the walls from the front wall to the connection of the existing heating main connection
  • connection to the new mains will be carried out and tested fully to ensure compliance to health and safety regulations are met

We hope to minimise the time and disruption of works within the property, but expect the internal works to take a day, with connection to the existing system taking 2 to 4 hours.

Maintaining heating

The existing heating system will be kept in operation until the changeover takes place. During these works, resident’s heating system will need to be switched off. We're estimating such work to complete within 12 hours.

Contacts info

  • Ramatu Mansaray, resident services manager - 020 7525 2907
  • Bola Odusanya, underground heating mains pipe renewal works - 020 7525 7184
  • Prince Kamanda, energy centre works - 020 7525 7480

Page last updated: 08 March 2022


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