Conservation areas

St. Mary’s Rotherhithe

The St. Mary’s Rotherhithe Conservation Area is a fine example of a “London Village” on the riverside. The surviving historic core is a relatively small area, 3 kilometres east of Tower Bridge. It centres on the 18th century St. Mary’s Church and a few surrounding streets. Buildings on the northern edge of the conservation area lie right on the river wall. Surrounding the church and churchyard are remnants of the former industrial townscape dating from the 19th century. To the east lies the former Engine House and air shaft to Brunel’s tunnel and to the south, the 18th century former school on St. Marychurch Street.

You can view our interactive map of St Mary's Rotherhithe conservation area.

St Mary's Rotherhithe - designated 9 October 1970, extended 18 October 1978

Page last updated: 11 July 2024


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