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The UK General Election is on 4 July. 
Register to vote by 18 June.
If you need to vote by post, you must apply to do this by 5pm on 19 June.
You need valid photo ID to vote in person. If you don’t have valid ID, apply by 5pm on 26 June for a Voter Authority Certificate.  
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Building & street naming and numbering

Our services

The street naming and numbering service:

  • assigns names and postal addresses to new and existing streets, houses and buildings
  • carries out renaming and renumbering of streets, houses and buildings
  • liaises with the London Fire Brigade, London Ambulance Service and Post Office to ensure that any proposed name or postal number does not cause confusion to these services in carrying out their duties
  • holds a list of approved names for your use

How we can help you

You will need to apply to the street naming and numbering service if you require:

  • a building to be named and/or numbered
  • a building to be renamed and/or renumbered
  • a new street to be named

When your application has been processed, we'll issue a statutory order which gives the new naming or numbering official status. Royal Mail will not assign a postcode to a new building without a statutory order.

For new streets and buildings, you should make an application well before they become occupied. This is a requirement under Part II of the London Building Acts (Amendment Act) 1939.

How to make an application

Download a street naming and numbering application form (PDF, 392kb) or contact the street naming and numbering service. Please ensure that you read the guidelines on making the application (PDF, 159kb).

Send us your completed application form and fee and include a 1:1250 plan with your application. Each entrance to be numbered should be indicated on the plan with a red arrow. You'll need the freeholder's permission before any change to the name or number of a building.

How long it will take

We aim to process all applications for naming and numbering or renaming and renumbering of buildings in existing streets within one month of receipt. We aim to process applications for naming or numbering of new streets, both private and public, within three to six months of receipt.

If a name is chosen from our list of approved names, this will speed up the process. The list of names will be sent to you with your application form.

Suggest a name for future public buildings and spaces in Southwark

As part of ‘Southwark Stands Together’, the council’s commitment to tackling racial inequalities, we're identifying opportunities to ensure that our built environment celebrates the diversity of our communities. This commitment includes looking at our streets and shared spaces, and how they can best reflect and celebrate our diverse population.

To support this ambition, we're creating a bank of future names for new public buildings and spaces in Southwark. We're asking you to submit names to put into the name bank, based on the following guidance.

Naming guidance

Proposed names should seek to meet the following criteria:

  1. Having a strong connection to Southwark (or at least South East London).
  2. Demonstrating the positive impact the individual made (how the person enriched people’s lives or how they were inspirational).
  3. The person is no longer alive.
  4. Consideration will also be given to names not related to a person. These may include historic events and places, as well as other characteristics of the area (for example Clink Street, Dorrit Street and Great Dover Street).
  5. Celebrate role models and heroes that represent Southwark’s diverse Black, Asian and other ethnic minority communities, and other under-represented groups including women, LGBTQI+ people and disabled people.

Find more information and suggest a name.

Charges from 1 April 2024  

All charges are exempt from VAT:

  • to number a new house, flat or commercial unit: £42.20 per new unit being created 
  • to name a building: £384.20 for each building  
  • to name a street, road or footway: £439.70 for each new street 

Page last updated: 11 April 2024


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