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The UK General Election is on 4 July.
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Standard use of our parks

To hold an event which has activities that are not part of the normal daily activity within a park or to set up infrastructure for an event you would be expected to apply for permission from the council.

There are many activities which are within the standard use of a park and do not break the bylaws regarding parks and open spaces within Southwark. These activities are therefore allowed without specific permission from the council.

Activities that require specific permission:

  • barbecues
  • selling of any goods or foodstuffs
  • structures (tents, marquees, staging, stalls, bouncy castles etc)
  • use of power generators
  • cooking or preparation of food
  • vehicles other than on designated public roadways.
  • blocking of any particular area from the public (whether for health and safety or any other reasons)
  • any other activities which go against the London Borough of Southwark’s bylaws for pleasure grounds, public walks and open spaces

Activities that do not require specific permission:

  • playing of informal games
  • picnics (pre-prepared)
  • simple gathering of people

As a park user, you must pay attention to and comply with the instructions of park wardens or other council officers if necessary.

As with any other area in Southwark, you are expected to put litter in bins provided or take it away with you. Individuals or groups who drop litter or fly-tip may well receive fixed penalty notices.

Structures of any kind are not permitted in any of Southwark's Parks unless they form part of the application for an organised event.

Under the bylaws of the park, gazebos and marquees are not permitted in the park without a license. In order to apply for a license please email our events team at This process can take up to 8 weeks.

If you are unsure whether your activity requires specific permission from the council or not, please contact the Southwark Events team on 020 7525 3422.

Page last updated: 03 August 2021


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