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East Dulwich parking study and healthier streets consultation

Proposed parking zone

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In January and February 2019 we carried out a study on the possible introduction of a parking zone and ideas for making the streets healthier in a network of streets in East Dulwich.

The proposals took into account the need to accommodate carers, occasional workers such as tradespeople in the area and the inclusion of a town centre in the zone. We took on board recent research published by TfL, which found people who walk, cycle and use public transport spend the most in their local shops, spending 40% more each month than car drivers. We have also used evidence from other zones in the borough that has shown that parking space increased by 40% to take the opportunity to improve the environment for walking, with places to rest and more greenery, to add more cycle parking for a range of cycles, and to improve bus journey times. The proposals therefore aimed to both improve parking for residents and support businesses while creating more healthy streets, for people from all walks of life, encouraging active travel and improving wellbeing.


The consultation ran from 11 January to 28 February 2019. The consultation was extended by five weeks, after reports of residents not receiving packs to allow time for residents to be sent missing packs or look at the information online before responding. All postal addresses within the study area were sent a letter to inform them of the extension.

All postal addresses within the study area were sent a consultation pack containing the following:

  • Questionnaire (PDF, 101kb) (can be completed on-line or by post, it gives an opportunity for all residents and businesses to select their preferred day/time of operation and zone design should the zone go ahead, as well as to provide feedback on healthy street proposals, visitors to the area will also be able to have their say)
  • Consultation information (PDF, 608kb) (including information on permits and pricing, proposed healthier streets ideas and locations, proposals to support high street economy, effect on health, wellbeing and the wider economy, details of drop-in session and business consultation meeting)
  • Myth busting document (PDF, 37kb)
  • Feasibility drawings (proposed layout and two preliminary designs for making the streets more healthy):

The above information and an online questionnaire were also available on the council’s consultation hub. Links to the consultation hub page were available on this page via a “Have your say” call button. 

The questionnaire was open to responses from residents, businesses, organisations and visitors to the area.

The council displayed posters on notice boards in the area as well as banners on railings outside East Dulwich station, at Goose Green and Lordship Lane (by North Cross Road, Whately Road and Barry Road). Tweets were scheduled at least once weekly on the council twitter page @lb_southwark. The posters (PDF, 122kb), banners (PDF, 118kb) and tweets included a link to the online consultation hub.

Project process

We have a thorough process to follow when deciding whether to implement a new parking zone. The key processes, past, present and future, and predicted timescales are summarised as follows:

  • Late 2018 - consultation methods and boundaries agreed by the Cabinet Member for Environment, Transport Management and Air Quality
  • January - February 2019 - informal consultation including drop-in session plus two separate meetings for business owners as well as a presentation at Empowering Communities: South
  • Spring 2019 - Interim headline results communicated to Empowering Communities (PDF, 1.4mb)
  • Summer 2019 - Consultation findings and recommendations reported to cabinet  member for decision making the decision report, full consultation report and the amended design were made available online at Moderngov
  • Summer/Autumn 2019 - statutory consultation, subject to outcome of decision making; objections must relate only to the elements of the scheme that are subject to the statutory consultation
  • Autumn/Winter 2019/20 - Determination of objections
  • Winter 2019/20 - Objection report published online at Moderngov
  • 11 March 2020 - Letter sent (PDF, 240kb) to the residents and businesses within the zone informing of the installation and live date; this letter includes the process on how to apply for the permits
  • 16 March 2020 - Start of installation period
  • 27 March 2020 - Installation paused due to COVID-19
  • 6 August 2020 – Letter sent (PDF, 255kb) to residents informing them that installation will recommence and providing updated programme
  • 10 August 2020 – Installation restarted
  • 17 August 2020 - Parking permits available
  • 14 September 2020 - Parking Zone live
  • Spring 2020 - Review of the parking zone

Supporting documents - studies on the high street

In March 2019 a study was commissioned by Southwark Council Highways division to assess the movement of people to and within Lordship Lane. The summary report (PDF, 219kb) shows an even smaller minority travelled by private vehicle or taxi (4% / 9% during week/weekend). The vast majority travelled less than half an hour to reach the high street (96% / 93% during week/weekend); and for those travelling more than 15 minutes, the majority did so by bus (70% / 52% during week/weekend) followed by walking or cycling (21% / 39% during week/weekend).

Page last updated: 14 August 2020


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