Changes to parking fees and charges

Changes to parking fees and charges will take effect from 1 April 2023. Find more details - 2 March and 30 March

Improvements to our website

We have made changes to our website to improve the way it looks and to give residents a better experience. You can find out more about this update here. 

Restricted parking zones

Restricted parking zones are areas where parking restrictions apply, but where no lines have been painted.

We might choose a restricted parking zone instead of a parking zone:

  • to improve the appearance of the street (double yellow lines create clutter and make streets look less pedestrian friendly)
  • because the road surface makes using paint impractical or inappropriate. 

We use signs instead of road markings to explain the restrictions

The zone entry sign indicates the times when waiting (parking) and loading is prohibited.

Parking bays within the zone may be marked with paint in the conventional manner or indicated by other means such as a change in surface materials or road studs. Upright signs will give details about the use of the bays.

The old streets north of Borough Market, centered around Clink Street, have been designated as a restricted zone this allowed us to remove intrusive double yellow lines and to improve the public realm for residents, businesses and visitors alike.

Page last updated: 15 May 2017


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