Southwark Council highlights urgent need for new foster carers for 25 local children

14 May 2024

  • Southwark Council kicks off Foster Care Fortnight (13-26 May) with a new video
  • Two care leavers share a touching tribute to their extraordinary Southwark-based foster carers
  • It comes as 25 Southwark children are waiting to be placed with a foster family
  • Give a local child a brighter future by becoming a foster carer. Learn more at

With latest figures, released today, showing that around 25 children in Southwark are awaiting foster care, Southwark Council has launched a new video as part of an ongoing recruitment drive for more local foster carers.

In Southwark, foster carer numbers are falling as a high number are retiring each year.

The council is actively looking for foster carers for around 25 children, who are ready to move on from their current care arrangements.

Adam* has been waiting for the right family for over a year. His social worker said: “Adam has just turned 13. He loves cycling, taking his Segway to the park, figuring out how things work, building things with Lego, playing Fortnite and talking with his friends. He has lived in a children’s home for three years and we are looking for a family who are positive, nurturing, playful and consistent. Adam thrives off routine and structure. He would also love a pet – particularly a cat or a dog!”

If you think you could offer a loving home to Adam or one of the children waiting for a foster family in Southwark, visit

The council worked together with care-experienced adults to produce a new video as part of Foster Care Fortnight. The video features two care leavers, Louie and Rukiya, reciting a poem dedicated to their foster carers.

Cllr Jasmine Ali, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Children, Education & Refugees, said: “This Foster Care Fortnight, we honour the incredible contribution of our foster carers who are each making a life-changing difference in young people’s lives. They give young people an invaluable sense of security and understanding to help them grow and fulfil their full potential. Fostering might only last a short time. But the impact can last a lifetime.

“In Southwark, we are committed to making sure no child misses out on being part of a loving family. Our foster carers tell us there is nothing more rewarding than helping give a child a loving home and a happy childhood. We would love to hear from you if you feel like fostering could be the right fit for you.”

In Southwark, foster carers are welcomed from all walks of life. Benefits of being a foster carer include:

  • ongoing training throughout your time as a foster carer
  • financial support
  • a dedicated social worker who will visit regularly and provide practical support
  • access to specialist health, educational and therapeutic support for the child(ren) that you foster
  • foster carers picnics, balls, and other social events
  • access to well-being groups and membership to The Fostering Network for additional advice, information and support
  • round-the-clock telephone support

Learn more about becoming a foster carer on Southwark Council’s website at

The poem featured in the council’s new video:

When I was a kid
A while ago now
I didn’t know what you did
I overlooked it somehow

Since then, I’ve had time to think
To consider, reflect
You took a chance on me
That I will never forget

I won’t forget TV nights (walking past a TV shop in Peckham)
Or the remote control fights
when you came to see my play
I remember like it was yesterday

It wasn’t all easy
There were tough times, it’s true
But here we are
it’s down to you

and you know what they say,
the bigger the setback
the stronger the comeback

You couldn’t change a my past
But even better somehow
You shaped my future
Just look at me now
Just look at me now

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