Smaller controlled parking schemes unveiled for Dulwich Village, Nunhead and Queen’s Road following public consultation

8 March 2024

Southwark Council has written to residents in Dulwich Village, Nunhead and Queen’s Road with details of revised proposed controlled parking zones for each area.

The revised proposed zones take into account the views of local residents in each area. Whilst the majority of residents in each area did not support the original controlled parking zone (CPZ) plans, significant numbers of residents living on certain roads said they did want a CPZ. The plans attempt, where possible, to respond directly to local views, as well as responding to demonstrable parking pressures and safety concerns.

Cllr James McAsh, Cabinet Member for the Climate Emergency and Sustainable Development, said: “Councils have a responsibility to balance the needs of all our residents, and play our part in tackling issues that are bigger than the individual or even the borough. Through our Streets for People strategy, Southwark is playing a leading role in helping to clean up London’s air, and make our streets nicer places to spend time.

“However, as we do that we also recognise that local people feel strongly about their local areas, and want to have a say in the measures the council puts in place that will impact on their lives. That is why, as we’ve developed our plans for controlled parking, we have carefully listened to the views of local people alongside building a clear picture around parking pressures and safety risks.

“I am proud that the council has now published people powered CPZ proposals  – revised schemes that reflect the views of local people and deal with hyperlocal issues in the three areas. I’d like to again thank the large numbers of residents and businesses who took part in the consultations, and I hope local people will welcome these carefully thought-through plans.”

The full details of the revised schemes can be found at but in summary the new zones look like this:

Dulwich Village – Whilst there was clearly strong opposition to controlled parking in much of the original zone, there has been a consistent theme raised by residents through these consultations and other means, about inconsiderate and unsafe parking-related issues linked to local schools. This includes at drop off and pick up times, and some parking pressure throughout the school day. Therefore the revised proposed scheme sets out a much smaller CPZ to help address these issues and reduce the specific pressures around the schools.

Nunhead – While the majority of residents didn’t want a CPZ, residents in a small number of roads were supportive of a CPZ. We have therefore decided to expand an existing CPZ to include only the roads where the majority of residents were supportive of a CPZ on their road. Given the overall majority who didn’t want a CPZ, our revised plans, which significantly reduce the size of the proposed CPZ coverage, respond to the feedback of the majority of residents.

Queen’s Road - We have decided to implement a smaller scheme taking into account local feedback. The majority of residents living on the roads that are included in the new smaller zone were supportive of a CPZ on their road.  Given the overall majority who didn’t want a CPZ, our revised plans that reduce the size of the proposed CPZ, respond to the feedback of the majority of residents.

In May the council plans to begin formal, statutory consultation on the three zones, for 21 days. Representations will be considered, and a final decision will then be taken.

Page last updated: 08 March 2024

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