Southwark Council launches Cleaner, Greener, Safer Fund

7 September 2023

Southwark residents interested in transforming their local area are encouraged to apply for funding through this year’s Cleaner, Greener, Safer (CGS) Fund. Applications will be accepted from 4 September to 15 October 2023.

Over the past 20 years, the council has supported over 4,000 projects and grants including project such as playground renovations, upgrades to sports facilities, new cycle parking, tree planting, fencing, and lighting improvements.

Ranging from £100 for small gardening projects to £50,000 contributions to large construction projects, the programme funds a range of community-led projects.

Funding can be used for:

  • Enhancing existing green spaces on estates, creating community gardens, landscaping, food growing projects, and wildlife areas 
  • Improving community and youth facilities such as sports courts and Tenant and Resident Association (TRA) halls, recycling initiatives and community designed murals and mosaics
  • Reviving underutilized areas on estates for gardening or recreation purposes
  • Installing security measures like gates and railings and tackling ‘grot spots’ – areas where anti-social behaviour is causing problems
  • School improvements, including planting and signage for clean air zones, sports and play equipment, and outdoor classrooms

Councillor Stephanie Cryan, Cabinet Member for Homes, Communities and Finance, said: “I’m pleased to announce the launch of the Cleaner, Greener, Safer fund – a fantastic opportunity for residents to make a tangible impact in their local communities. Whether you’re interested in creating a community garden or want to upgrade your local play area, the fund empowers local residents to shape their communities meaningfully.”

CGS funding is reserved for capital improvements, which entail permanent, physical changes. It cannot be used for temporary projects, community events, workshops, CCTV systems, works on private property, and internal works on Southwark Housing property (e.g. security doors, door entry systems, internal communal area decorations).

Previous CGS projects

Kirkwood Road nature reserve entrance 

Thanks to CGS funding, the entrance to the Kirkwood Nature Reserve has been re-landscaped to deter vehicle access to limit fly-tipping, creating a peaceful and safe corner for the residents of Cossall Estate. 

Picton Street anti fly tipping planting

An Elmington Estate resident secured CGS funding to install planters and trellises on the communal bulky waste bin store. The initiative successfully deterred commercial fly-tipping, enhancing the area’s appearance.

To speak to a team member about your funding application please email or call 020 7525 4077 and we can help.

For more information about the fund, please visit:

Page last updated: 07 September 2023

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