Bishop Climate Wiseman gets suspended jail sentence after council investigation

7 February 2023

Bishop Climate Wiseman has been given a one year prison sentence suspended for two years after being convicted of fraud.

Southwark Council’s Trading Standards team led on the investigation and subsequent prosecution at the Inner London Crown Court.

The sentence was delivered this week where Wiseman was also ordered to undertake 130 hours of unpaid work and to pay the council £60,072.50 to cover their legal costs.

A council spokesperson said: “We condemn the despicable actions of Bishop Wiseman. His abuse of power makes his dangerous profiteering all the more terrible.

“Wiseman has promised people false cures for many years now, saying his oils cure COVID, cancer, HIV and more, when they patently can’t do anything of the sort. It was vital that people followed government advice during the pandemic, and doctor’s advice when seriously ill. Suggesting otherwise is irresponsible and could well put people at serious risk.

“We are satisfied that this sentence reflects the seriousness of Wiseman’s crimes and hope that it gives pause to anyone who is considering pedalling false cures.”

Read more about the case here.

Page last updated: 08 February 2023

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