Council launches first youth forum

3 April 2023

Southwark Council is strengthening how they work with the youth voluntary sector through a new youth forum who met for the first time last week (30 March).

Cllr Jasmine Ali welcomed youth groups, charities and young people to a hybrid meeting at Tooley Street to kick off a renewed joint effort to build on their partnership working under Southwark’s Youth New Deal. This was launched two years ago in response to the challenges facing young people as we recover from the pandemic.

Now the council is bringing key players together in a structured way to ensure the needs of young people continue to be acted upon. The forum will be made up of young people and local, regional and national groups who work with or campaign on behalf of young people. They will each bring their unique perspective on what is needed for young people in Southwark and work out how best to achieve this.

Cllr Jasmine Ali, deputy leader and cabinet member for children, young people education and refugees, said: “Two years’ ago we promised Southwark’s children and young people a deal where they were supported and encouraged to fulfil their full potential. We forged some fantastic relationships with youth groups and community organisations towards this ambition. Our new youth forum gives these partnerships a chance to truly flourish, crucially with young people’s voices at the centre of everything.”

Page last updated: 03 April 2023

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