Southwark Council to provide temporary housing for 80 homeless people on Aylesbury Estate while 581 council homes are being built

25 May 2021

Following a review of the timeline for the renewal of the Aylesbury Estate, an opportunity has arisen to use up to 80 homes to help meet the high demand for good quality temporary accommodation for local homeless families. The homes, which are available due to a change to the timing of rebuilding some blocks on the estate, will all meet the council’s new Good Homes Standard for Temporary Accommodation.

The renewal of Aylesbury estate is a long-term project, working alongside residents, to deliver new high quality homes for people living on the estate. Work is now underway to build 581 new council homes on the first development site, as well as dedicated new older people’s housing. A new health centre and library are also being built and future phases will also provide homes for all residents who wish to remain in the local area. That will include at least as many social rent homes as there were at the start of the renewal of the estate, as well as high quality new homes for existing resident leaseholders to move to.

The council’s priority is to keep the community together, so homes are built in phases on Aylesbury enabling people to move within their estate. The council has always made best use of any spaces that are temporally available between phases – using ‘meanwhile’ sites as training centres, business units for retail and leisure, and using homes that are awaiting redevelopment as temporary housing for homeless families.

Councillor Helen Dennis, cabinet member for climate emergency and sustainable development, said: “With around 15,000 people on our housing waiting list, and increased homelessness a consequence of the hit to the economy that the pandemic has brought, we have to look to every resource available to us. With a change to the phasing schedule at Aylesbury, it makes practical sense to use the homes we have available temporarily for those in desperate need of housing. Every home makes a huge difference to a family’s life and we’re delighted that we can offer these homes to homeless people at the same time as building 581 new council homes for existing council tenants to move into permanently.”

Works are currently being carried out to make sure all the flats meet the council’s new Good Homes Standard for temporary accommodation. Residents will begin to move in from July 2021.The council will continue to work with residents to further improve the plans for the estate area.

Page last updated: 25 May 2021

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