The marina provides both leisure and residential berths on an annual basis. It also provides a small number of visitor berths on a dedicated visitor pontoon. Occasionally, if a long term berth holder is away from the marina, we may have other visitor berths available.

Boats on the south dock marina

With the exception of the visitor berths where the length of stay is normally restricted to a maximum of three weeks, we do not provide any other short term berths (the marina does not provide monthly visitor berths).

We provide the following licences:

  • Residential berthing licence (PDF, 160kb) - allows the boat to be used 365 days a year as a primary residence; the marina may be used as the boat owners postal address
  • Leisure berthing licence (PDF, 153kb) - allows the boat to be berthed at the marina 365 days a year; however it only permits overnight use of the vessel for a maximum of 90 days in any one year; staying on the vessel during the week and returning to a shore based residence is classed as residential use

Waiting lists

The marina operates separate waiting lists for residential and leisure berthing licences. Each list is sub divided by boat lengths to match berth sizes available in the marina.

The residential waiting list is extremely long and the opportunity for a licence is infrequent. Most boats are sold with their residential licence. The leisure waiting list is shorter, but it can still take some time to get a berth.

Berths are allocated, firstly taking into account the type of licence (residential / leisure) required and the commercial return. Secondly the length and beam of the vessel is considered to fit the physical berth available.

If you wish to be added to the waiting list, complete a booking form and tick the waiting list box. Email us your form. You'll be called when a berth becomes available.

Visitor berth

The visitor berth is normally for use for a maximum of three weeks depending on availability.


Bookings for berths, boatyard and crane should be made on the booking and registration form (PDF, 791kb), which can be photocopied or scanned.

The marina reserves the right to apply additional charges of four times the daily visitor rate if a boat doesn't leave on the agreed date or remains in the marina after being instructed to leave

Berth map

South Dock Marine map
Berth map

Download the South Dock berth layout (PDF, 29kb) and Greenland Dock berth plans (PDF, 21kb).

Page last updated: 10 June 2021


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