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Planning back office

Weekly update - 8 November 2019

This week has been focused on testing prototypes and gathering feedback, as well as recruiting further local authorities for testing.

What happened this week?

Some of the activities covered by the team this week include:

User testing in Islington — heading out to Islington Council for a user testing session with three members of their planning team (a Planner & Support Manager and two Planning Support Officers)

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Reaching out to further rural councils  — on the user recruitment front, the team is on the outreach for further rural and non-London councils to ensure we’re getting a wide and varied range of feedback on our prototypes (as well as further exploring planning processes across further locations)

Team sessions — holding a few team sessions, bringing together our findings from across user testing sessions

Discussions with MHCLG — further discussions with the Local Digital Collaboration Unit at MHCLG to ensure we’re consistently aligned with project direction

Boris, Gemma, Graeme, Igor, Jack, Martyn and Michelle (the Southwark and Unboxed team)

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