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Planning back office

Weekly update - 11 October 2019

Week two of our first sprint and momentum is high across the team. This week has been focused around onboarding further councils, as user research recruits, as well as working on our user journey.

What happened this week?

Some of the activities covered by the team this week include:

BoPS wn2
  • Identifying assumptions. We mapped some of our key assumptions and writing hypotheses to identify how we might validate or disprove these.
  • Spoke with Snook. Continue to work with with Snook to understand more about the Submit my Planning Application service that they’ve been working on with Hackney Council to identify technical documentation and any data that could be fed into BoPS during the application process (including the data standard used) 
  • Created our first prototypes. We designed the first prototype for planning officers covering a workflow screen, an application overview screen and a report screen (still a work in progress) 
  • Tested these first prototypes. Getting our early prototype in-front of a planning officer at Southwark Councils for feedback was very important.
  • Put together a research plan for user testing the prototypes more widely
  • Spend some time invvestigating the potential for using OCR (optical caharacter recognition) to identify and interogate PDF'd plans and drawings
  • Met with MHCLG to discuss the focus of the project and proposed outomes. As you can tell from the image below, it is a meaty proplem, with multiple layers of complexity, so it was encouraging to be told that they want us to focus on a single element which has the potential to unlock others, rather than try to scope an end to end solution.
BoPS wn2a

What’s next?

Next week is our sprint one Show & Tell at Tooley Street (everyone is welcome to attend - 2.30pm on Tuesday, floor five), where the team will be sharing progress from across the last two weeks.

The team is planning on:

  • Continuing user testing across UK-wide council planning teams

Page last updated: 01 December 2020

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