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Water refunds

Can I get a refund

You’re entitled to a refund if you were a tenant of Southwark council between 1 April 2001 and 28 July 2013, and were charged for water and sewerage by the council.

1 April 2001 is when the first Water Resale Order started and July 2013 is when we changed the agreement with Thames Water to make clear we’re not acting as a reseller.

If you were in temporary accommodation

You’re entitled to a refund if your accommodation was through Southwark council and your annual rent letter and/or rent card included a separate amount for water charges.

Joint tenants

Only one refund will be given because only one water charge is made for each property. In these cases the refund will be made to the person recorded as the lead tenant.

How this affects your benefits

The refund will be taken into account when assessing your total savings for Housing Benefit purposes.

Page last updated: 05 March 2020


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