Power cuts and electrical safety

If you lose power in your home:

  • check you have credit on your meter or that your bill has been paid
  • check if your neighbours are affected; if they are, contact your electrical supplier
  • contact your electricity supplier if the electricity meter is faulty, vandalised or damaged (don't call the council)
  • turn off and unplug appliances until power is restored
  • don't use cooking facilities
  • don't use candles or gas cylinders; use a torch

You can contact EDF Energy and UK Power Networks for more information about power to your home or estate.

Electrical safety

You can keep your electrical appliances safe if you:

  • regularly check plugs and sockets to see if they're hot, have a burning smell, look damaged or show exposed wires; if so, switch them off and don't use them
  • take care with light bulbs and tubes, as these can get hot while switched on
  • don't overload sockets, as this can cause overheating and fires
  • don't use sockets near water leaks or spills; turn off the circuit at the fuse box
  • don't use electrical items near water (for example, don't keep flowers on your TV)
  • keep your toaster clean and away from curtains
  • protect children from the dangers of electricity
Call 020 7525 2600 if you're a council tenant and need us to attend an electrical emergency

You can also find useful advice on the Electrical Safety First website.

Our electrical contractors are compliant with:

If we find electrical installations that need extensive work and are not part of our major works programmes, we will include these in plans.

You can contact Engineering Services if you have any further queries.

Page last updated: 10 January 2024


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