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Impacts and outcomes of resident participation projects

COVID-19 Financial Impacts Research Project

This research is carried out by the Council Housing Residents Working Party.

The research aims to:

  • respond to concern about debt and rent arrears among residents of council housing in the borough following COVID-19
  • examine and better understand this concern
  • understand the economic and financial impacts of COVID-19 for residents of council housing in Southwark
  • recommend possible solutions and responses to these impacts
  • help residents and the council to agree on the best ways forward

Main questions

Supported by officers of the council and the Smith Institute, the working party will address the following questions:

  • what new debts have residents of council housing (including homeowners and leaseholders) faced during the pandemic?
  • why have new debts emerged?
  • who has been most affected?
  • what risks does new debt create for residents of council housing and the council as a landlord in the future?
    • how should these risks be managed?
  • how could the council support residents through the collection process?
  • what roles and support should be offered by
    • public and non-profit agencies
    • the Greater London Authority and central government?


The group are taking evidence from:

  • experts
  • local support groups and advice centres
  • council officers
  • campaign organisations
  • charities

The group is also undertaking a major tenants/residents online survey.

The Resident Working Party would like to thank everyone who took part in the recent survey on the financial impacts of COVID-19. Details of the research findings will be presented on these pages as soon as the data has been analysed.

Residents Working Group members

The group includes 4 tenant representatives, including:

  • a member of the Southwark Group of tenant organisations
  • 2 homeowners

The members are:

  • Althea Smith (Chair)
  • Andrew Dowsett (Vice-Chair)
  • Miriam Facey
  • Jack Lewis
  • David Eyles
  • Abi Sesay

Contact the organisers

John McCormack, Tenant and Home Owner Involvement Team Leader, Southwark Council and the Smith Institute. (07908 795167)

Paul Hunter, Smith Institute (07393 287003)

Page last updated: 21 June 2024


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